[træns'djuːsə, englisch] der, -s/-, allgemeine Bezeichnung für Wandler, im engeren Sinn der Messumformer.

Universal-Lexikon. 2012.

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  • transducer — (n.) 1924, device which converts energy from one form to another, from L. transducere lead across, transfer, from trans across (see TRANS (Cf. trans )) + ducere to lead (see DUKE (Cf. duke) (n.)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • transducer —  Transducer  Трансдьюсер   Устройство, преобразующее отклик распознающего элемента (физической или химической природы) в измеряемый сигнал (как правило, электрический), величина которого пропорциональна концентрации определяемого вещества или… …   Толковый англо-русский словарь по нанотехнологии. - М.

  • transducer — ► NOUN ▪ a device that converts variations in a physical quantity (such as pressure or brightness) into an electrical signal, or vice versa. DERIVATIVES transduction noun. ORIGIN from Latin transducere lead across …   English terms dictionary

  • transducer — [trans do͞os′ər, tranzdo͞os′ər; trans dyo͞os′ər] n. [< L transducere, to lead across < trans , over + ducere, to lead (see DUCT + ER] any of various devices that transmit energy from one system to another, sometimes one that converts the… …   English World dictionary

  • transducer — /trans dooh seuhr, dyooh , tranz /, n. a device that receives a signal in the form of one type of energy and converts it to a signal in another form: A microphone is a transducer that converts acoustic energy into electrical impulses. [1920 25; …   Universalium

  • Transducer — A transducer is a device, usually electrical, electronic, electro mechanical, electromagnetic, photonic, or photovoltaic that converts one type of energy or physical attribute to another for various purposes including measurement or information… …   Wikipedia

  • transducer — UK [trænzˈdjuːsə(r)] / US [trænzˈdusər] noun [countable] Word forms transducer : singular transducer plural transducers physics a piece of equipment that gets power from one source and then changes that power so that it can be used by another… …   English dictionary

  • transducer — noun Date: 1924 a device that is actuated by power from one system and supplies power usually in another form to a second system < a loudspeaker is a transducer that transforms electrical signals into sound energy > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Transducer — An instrument that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A transducer can also act as a transmitter and receiver of ultrasound information. * * * A device designed to convert energy from one form to another. SEE ALSO: transduction.… …   Medical dictionary

  • transducer — eddy current transducer …   Mechanics glossary

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